Yes we do, every message you send us will be forwarded directly to a live agent to will respond to you with your specific question. Due to traffic on the site, this live response from an agent can be immediate and will always be in less than 24 hours. We believe in establishing relationships with our customers and ensure everything is personalized.

Yes, all of the supplements we sell are 100% Authentic, direct from the manufacturers, and contain no banned substances.

Yes we do, as long as the product has not been opened and used. You may request a return by contacting one of our live agents who will identify your specific transaction and will provide instructions for how to return the product. You will then receive your refund without delay. If any issues or inconveniences occur at all, you can always contact one of our live representatives.

No we do not. Medical advise can only be provided by your personal physician. We recommend all of our customers consult with their physician before starting any supplements. SD Sports and Nutrition Inc. does not encourage anyone (Customers or Not) to take supplements without consulting with their physician first. SD Sports and Nutrition Inc. can answer general questions about the products being sold on this website, however these answers to general questions should not be considered as medical advice and therefore customers should direct all of their medical questions or concerns about supplements to their physician or healthcare provider. SD Sports and Nutrition Inc. is not responsible for any damage, harm, or misunderstandings that may come from the purchase of any supplements. All customers are recommended to consult with their physician before considering, purchasing, or using any supplements. Thank you for your understanding.